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The Spear red as fire

Name: Harada Sanosuke
Age: 28
Birthday: July 6th
Height: 180 cm / 5'11"

Occupation: Teacher at Hogwarts, former Quidditch pro Keeper (Toyohashi Tengu, Kenmare Kestrels), known as one of the best Keepers in the country. 
Subject: Flying instructor, Quidditch referee & Trainer
Wand: Phoenix, Red oak, 12 1/2" quite flexible + see below for Wandlore
Broom: Nimbus XX (manufacture year 2000 - not the youngest, but in his eyes the best) which he affectionately calls "Yari" (japanese for 'spear')
Housing: Hogwarts castle, his quarters are in one of the towers. Also owns a house on the coast of Kerry, close to Kenmare, Ireland, where he sometimes spends the weekend.
Appearance: Burgundy red, shoulder length hair and amber eyes. Tall, triangular and athletically toned, defined, but not butch, broad-shouldered, but proportionally to his waist. He used to have longer hair when he was younger, in school he wore it in a high ponytail. While he was in Japan he changed it to a low ponytail, tied at the nape and as he moved to Ireland, he wore it down. At it's longest, it reached below the shoulders, almost to his waist. He cut it when he became a teacher, but it's been growing out again. 


Iyo, Shikoku, Japan

Also lived in Killarney, Ireland and in Kyoto, Japan. His family moved to Kyoto a few years after his birth and connected the house, they had there, with and old inherited Burke family residence in Killarney, via a portkey, in the shape of a Geisha statue. When he played for the Toyohashi Tengu Quidditch team, he resided for a while in Tokyo and Osaka, before moving to Ireland and getting himself a house on the coast of Kerry, close to Kenmare.


Father: Harada Satoru - Muggle - Japanese, Athlete
Mother: Deirdre, nee Burke - Witch/Slytherin - Irish of birth, Hit Wizard at the MoM of UK
Big Bro': Quinn (34) - Muggle/Squib - Irish folk artist (dancer, musician, singer), lives in Killarney, county of Kerry.
Big Sis': Aina (31) - Witch/Slytherin - MoM, Department of Magical Law Enforcement, Wizengamot Administration Services
Lil' Bro': Finn (24) - Wizard/Slytherin - Magical Law Enforcement Patrol
Lil' Sis': Nessa (22) - Muggle/Squib - College Student in Japan

Sano (28) was 8 years old when the “Battle of Hogwarts” took place, started Hogwarts two years later. His sister Aina started Hogwarts the same year, as the battle of Hogwarts took place and the Carrows were teaching and Voldemort was at power. Their mother, to protect them, erased all evidence of the muggle/squib part of their family (stating that the father was “unknown” and that she had 3 children instead of 5) before Voldemort took the Ministry over and imperiused everyone who knew, so they couldn’t tell. She changed their names (Harada to Burke, Aina to Aine and Sano to Shane) and instructed her daughter to never even mention she had a father.

She could have of course sent Aina to Mahotokoro (Japanese Wizard School), but her pride didn’t allow that (she had that “everything on my half of blood is better” thing in herself) and she would have had to erase the evidence at the Ministry anyway. To protect them further, the non-magicians of their family were taken to Japan and the Portkey and the Passage to their house there, were hidden. For that one terrible year, Sano’s father, older brother and younger sister didn’t exist.


Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Gryffindor House. Interestingly enough he was a bit of a hatstall between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff (for about 1 minute), but in the end his courage, stubbornness and inner fire won over his kind and gentle heart.

N.E.W.T. in Charms (Exceeds Expectations), DADA (Outstanding), Transfiguration (Exceeds Expectations), History of Magic (Exceeding Expectations), Arithmancy (Exceeding Expectations) and Herbology (Acceptable).

His favorite charms are incendio and protego, his patronus has the form of a Griffin.

An ancient creature embraced by many cultures, the Celtic animal griffin is a symbol of duality. Part eagle and half-part lion (depending on the region - even part serpent, horse or dog), the meaning of the griffin reflects is dual physical form by presenting a balance of both good and not so good qualities. The griffin's more likeable qualities include nobility, gentleness, and justice. Depicted on ancient stone tombs, griffins are the guardians and protectors of life, and remain loyal in their protection even in the afterlife. Griffins count nobility, vigilance, virtue and strength among their many positive attributes. The griffin in its mighty form stands at the gates between the worlds, and ushers in the seekers of initiation, enlightenment. The wisdom-filled Doorkeeper guards people from the dark sides of themselves, until they gain the strength and knowledge to bring the dark into submission. Griffin is the guardian to the path of spiritual enlightenment, consecrated to the Sun and is often shown drawing the Apollo's chariot across the sky. It is the symbol of vigilant strength and dominates both the earth and the sky.

Misused, the griffin brings about gluttony, vengeance, ferocity, and violence. The griffin is a possessor of fiery forces - and not to be trifled with. Given it's power, and considering it can be just as nefarious as it can be kind, respect must be paid when invoking the spirit of the griffin.


His wand core is made of Phoenix feather, inserted into a 12 1/2' Red Oak wand of quite flexible quality.

He’s the sorta person that marches to the pace of his own drums, free and unbound, hotheaded and not bowing away from his principles and conviction. Not a flashy person by default, he’s the sort that sticks out through his natural charm, rather than doing it grand.

This is the rarest core type. Phoenix feathers are capable of the greatest range of magic, though they may take longer than either unicorn or dragon cores to reveal this. They show the most initiative, sometimes acting of their own accord, a quality that many witches and wizards dislike.

Phoenix feather wands are always the pickiest when it comes to potential owners, for the creature from which they are taken is one of the most independent and detached in the world. These wands are the hardest to tame and to personalise, and their allegiance is usually hard won.

Red Oak
You will often hear the ignorant say that red oak is an infallible sign of its owner’s hot temper. In fact, the true match for a red oak wand is possessed of unusually fast reactions, making it a perfect duelling wand. Less common than English oak, I have found that it’s ideal master is light of touch, quick-witted and adaptable, often the creator of distinctive, trademark spells, and a good man or woman to have beside one in a fight. Red oak wands are, in my opinion, among the most handsome.


Sano was born to a muggle father and a wizard mother in the town of Iyo on the island of Shikoku in Japan. His mother, Irish of birth, worked for the Ministry of Magic of the UK as a Hit Wizard, a line of work that had brought her to the far away lands in Asia, where she met the accomplished athlete and muggle, that she fell in love with and eventually married. Revealing her heritage to her fiance right after he proposed, a trust and a deep bond had formed between the couple, one that had given birth to many children.

Such was the environment that Sano had grown up in. Raised in a modern and tolerant family, he has little understanding for judgement and intolerance. His mother stayed in office, working for the Ministry of Magic for long years, travelling between Japan and the UK several times, usually accompanied by some of her children, to teach them about the other part of their heritage. This sort of upbringing enabled Sano an education at the prestigious Hogwarts, followed by a star career as a Keeper in Quidditch, a sport that he quickly learned to love due to the athletic abilities bestowed upon him by his father and having inherited the strength, determination and fighting qualities - and also the hot temper and red hair - from his mother.

After he finished his studies, he returned to Japan to play for the Toyohashi Tengu, but due to some personal differences he returned two years later to the UK to join the team of Kenmare Kestrels, where he gained the nickname ‘fire spear’ or ‘fire wall’ of defense, or ‘the infernal rear guard’, due to his sharp and fast way of playing and unyielding defense. He had been awarded on many occassions and was known as one of the most prolific and most fearless of all keepers. He holds a record of kept quaffles, which remains unsurpassed even after his retirement, about 3 years ago. His retirement might have also been a consequence of his prowess in the sport. During one game, for the Kestrels, he had been hexed, by an unknown suspect.

Unfortunately, due to this curse, he is unable to stay in the air for a prolonged time, the amount of which depends on the strain that's put on his body. If he's just flying around, taking a trip, or referring a game, he lasts longer, but playing professional Quidditch is neigh on impossible. He was forced to quit and after taking some time off to recover and decide what he wants to do, he had went through the Quidditch referee tests, trainings and trials at the Department of Magical Sports and took on raising new potential talents - a thing he sincerely enjoys. He had been in luck, because after serving Hogwarts for a great couple of years, Madame Hooch had decided to retire and the school had been looking for a suitable replacement, which they found in Sano.

His caring and unambitious personality, combined with his love for kids made him love teaching more than playing, a thing he didn’t thought of possible. But to him there’s really nothing more rewarding than watch the first year’s features brighten with awe, after the initial fear settles and they discover they can soar up to sky.

He’s pretty good at charms and capable at transfiguration, his strongest subject, besides flying and quidditch had always been the practical side of defense against dark arts, in short everything that he can use his body and his skills to master, instead of his head. He’s got a good mind, a sharp wit and great intuition, instincts, perspicacity and perception, but all of them honed more through experience and a feel for how to do things, rather than academic knowledge, thus making subjects like Potions an eternal suffering. He was reasonably good at Herbology and History of Magic however, 
the latter simply because he's good at understanding people and seeing the connections and coherence, that give a complete picture, the former when it came to applying herbal knowledge to benefit the body. He’ll never be able to brew you a cure for boils, but he’ll know exactly which plants and herbs are healthy for you, or what to eat when you want to strengthen your immunity, or build up muscle.

Sano and his Parents

Satoru and Deirdre loved each other dearly, a fact that is cemented in the amount of offspring they had produced. But as things are, love isn’t always enough and if there are 4 wizards in your family, things are never easy and random explosions, inexplicable malfunctions and crazy toys that you never imagined existed are just the start.

While Satoru was someone who generally enjoyed a little craziness in his life, when you’re constantly faced with it, but unable to take part in it, or understand the entirety of it, it puts a strain on you. Objects that take you across the world within minutes, paintings that create passages to other places, hidden corners full of strange things beyond your imagination, an entire world of magic, that you can enter, but never grasp…

Living with a witch was harder than anyone would have expected. While there were only the two of them it was interesting, fun and adventurous. When there were three kids, two of which had inherited their mother’s abilities, it started to get even crazier, but in spite of one thing or another blowing up at random times, it was still manageable and worth the joy. When those kids started growing up, going to school and entering that world, that you were denied, moving through it with ease, while asking you to buy them things and support them because “Daddy you have no idea how important this is”, it started being overwhelming and maybe a little hurtful. But you endured, because you loved them, you loved this crazy family and didn’t want to let it go at any cost.

But the years carried on, there were O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s and choosing a profession and another two kids, and things randomly blowing up again, and you still endured, even though you were at the end with your nerves, your strength, your endurance and patience, and you still didn’t fully understand that world, feeling the distance grow, seeing your sons and daughters become someone great and amazing, in a world that was, even after years spent in it, completely alien to you.

And when the last grasp you had on reality, your youngest wizard child was about to enter that world, go to school and grow up to be a great wizard, you found you couldn’t do this again. Couldn’t watch him walk through that veil, that separated your world from their, without being able to follow them.

So you gave up.

On the summer, when Sano finished his 4th year at Hogwarts (a week before turning 15) and returned for the holiday, he had found, their parents had divorced.

Sano and his father

Sano had always had a close relationship with his father and up to today he says, that everything he’s ever become, he owes to his father. It was his father who had hammered the habit of morning practice into him, so that no matter the weather, or how the night before had been, Sano can’t begin a day without a proper work out. This had proved especially beneficial when he had started his Quidditch career and does a great job at maintaining a healthy way of life and provided him with a good time management. Getting up early means you’ll have the entire day for yourself. Although, let it be said that Sano isn’t even close to being a morning person. He’ll still get up and work out though.

Having an ambitious Slytherin pureblood as a mother, the carefree Sano, who couldn’t brew a potion to save his life and had his head more in the clouds and on the quidditch field (and later in the bed - with which I don’t mean sleeping), than in the classroom, didn’t exactly match into her picture of a docile, perfect child. He had never had ambitions like working for the ministry of magic, dreaming of a career. His dreams had always been more about a carefree life, filled with fun and love, doing the things that he liked to do and was good at and finding someone he can share them with.

While this made his mother crazy, his father had always been his biggest support. It was his father that had always told him to do what makes him happy, to do what he wants to do, to follow his heart and his dreams. It had always been his father whom Sano had dragged into Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes to buy him the latest Skiving Snackboxes, Aviatomobiles, Boxing telescopes and other stuff he could prank people with.

So when one day he came back for the summer holidays, only to find his father gone and his parents divorced, without any warning or prelude, after having celebrated a beautiful Christmas only half a year ago, it crushed him. He had felt abandoned and betrayed by the man that had meant everything to him. It was his father who had taught him, that family was the greatest treasure in the whole world, the self-same man that had abandoned said family. The part of him that had never grown up, also never understood how his father could have done such a thing, and the same part had been unable to forgive the man for so long. Declaring that he never wanted to see him again, he broke up every contact and ignored every letter, until they stopped coming.

He still loves his father and is grateful to him, yet he feels resentment and anger towards him. Up to today the issue remains unresolved.

What he doesn’t know is, that his father had still found a way to see him, even if they didn’t remain in contact. Having been always proud of his son, Satoru kept himself up to date with what happened to his boy (and his other children) and when he had found out, that his son had become a Quidditch player, poked and prodded for long enough to find a way to a Quidditch field. While Sano was playing for the Toyohashi Tengu, his father had watched every game that was held in Japan.


Sano is a kind and gentle person, if not stubborn and hot-tempered. Easy-going and laid back the most of times, he is the kind of person that will be everyone’s big brother, but will not forgive when someone hurts his close ones. Usually reasonable, he won’t however tolerate injustice and any kind of discrimination.

He’s a good listener and counselor, will hear you out and give advice as best as he can.

He’s usually happy and high-spirited, loves to flirt and drink, but it has to be said that he genuinely cares for his partners. He’ll never try hurting you - unless it’s, ahem, desired - and if he does, he’ll spend an entire lifetime repenting. He has a recessive penchant for mothering, that can grow really fierce when triggered.

He’s always smiling, but a lot of those smiles can be sad. His motto is “Happiness comes to those that smile”, so he’s definitely the type that never complains, just does what he does. When he actually starts complaining about everything and everyone, consider him wasted and make sure to secure the bottle of whatever he’s drinking out of his reach, and get him home. Somehow. If he’s only started to strip and dance, it’s fine. He’s still a happy drunk~ :D

Sexuality and Relationships

Orientation: Bisexual, on a Kinsey scale of 2.5

When it comes to choosing his partners, either gender is fine, though he tends more towards female partners than males, but he won’t reject either when he’s in the mood and the person within the realm of possibilities. He’s pretty versatile and believes that everything that feels good, is good. He’s the type to take care of his partners, give pleasure and be happy to receive it. It’s also very important to him that he and his partner are on equal grounds when it comes to the emotional bond. One night stands and friends with benefits are fine, but if there are deeper feelings in play, it’s important they’re mutual. He never promises what he can’t give and he expect equal treatment from his partner. He’s okay with multiple partners, but it has to be in the open and clear, with the consent of all involved. There’s one thing that Sano never does in a relationship and that’s cheating.

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All informations about Wandlore are quoted from Pottermore
The text about the Griffin is, with some alterations taken by me, quoted from here and here.
Wand edit by me, didn't save the source sadly enough though. One of those wand selling sites.
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[Sano leans against the wall of the small, but otherwise cozy bar, arms crossed casually at his chest, one feet perched against the wall, as he waits for his best friend to arrive. As usually, Shinpachi is late, but as that's nothing new, he's not despairing. Yet. It's a beautiful, warm summer evening and they'd agreed to meet up for their daily does of good sake at one of the few places they both agreed on. Where the sake was costy enough, that it was worth being drank, in Sano's opinion, but affordable enough for Shinpachi to not whine. Even if Sano will still end up paying. He knows it, there's no reason denying it. But that doesn't mean he'll let Shinpachi off that easily of course, without breaking a sweat.

Suddenly he hears his name being called, the loud voice carrying over all the noise of the street, but he doesn't move, until the footsteps stop and he finally looks at his best friend.]

You're late.

[He says instead of a greeting, pushing himself from the wall, hands relocating to his hips, in a ghost of admonishing, except it's really casual.]

I was starting to think you stood me up.

[He adds, grin broad and toothy, as he surveys Shinpachi.]
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» Matsumoto Rangiku
She’s a good friend and an amazing woman, who is wise with experience and fun to be with, and I respect her deeply. There might be a little more than that, but I don’t think either of us is ready for that step yet. If we’ll ever be.

» Terra Branford
Final Fantasy VI
She’s one of the nicest and mmost caring people I have ever met, if not a little young and inexperienced. But I find her innocence and purity, along with the determination and kind heart attractive.
» Ichinose Tokiya
I really shouldn’t think like this, but I dislike Ichinose a little for his cold demeanor and arrogance. The boy should stop being an adult and be more the teenager he’s supposed to be.

» Kirigiri Kyouko
Dangan Ronpa
She’s a bit strange, but I like her. It’s fun to talk with her and teaching her.
» Shidou Hikaru
Magic Knight Rayearth
I adore this Gryffindor seeker! It’s as fun to teach her as it is to watch her play! She reminds me a lot of myself, when I was her age.

» Fai D. Flowright
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
I can rely on him. And have drinking competitions with him. I like how level-headed he is.
» Namine
Kingdom Hearts
She’s a talented girl who sometimes watches quidditch practice, in order to hone her skill. I want to encourage her. I might not know about art, but I want to help her, if I can.
» Adela
I met her one day when she was watching practice. She seemed like she really wanted to join and I couldn’t help myself. I recently started to train her and she makes a really good Keeper. If she works as hard as she had until now, she could even consider it a career.

» Mochizuki Jirou
Black Blood Brothers
Our new Groundskeeper. He’s got a little first year brother whom I teach. We get along well and I have the feeling this is gonna be another of those friendships, I’m not sure I treasure or hate. Nah, just kidding. He’s a good man. It’s surprising that he’s a vampire, but it doesn’t really matter. What’s important, is on the inside.

» Mochizuki Kotaro
Black Blood Brothers
The most adorable kid, that I ever had the pleasure to meet. He’s a vampire just like his brother, but a sweetheart. I love him.
» Daphne
Winx Club
She teaches History of Magic. I’ve been able to get to know her a little better recently and I like her. She’s focused and professional, if not a little strict on the students. I want her to have more fun. Though I ended up embarrassing her, unfortunately. Silly me.

» Pinkie Pie
My Little Pony
I would not, never in a million years dare to cross this woman. She’s formidable like a whirlwind. But usually very sweet. And a really good cook. I enjoy the meals more since she took over as the head of the kitchen. A wise decision on the headmistress’ part.
» Uro
I cannot bring myself to trust this man. There’s something about him, that keeps me on edge. I hope I’m wrong and just being paranoid.

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Morning*1st years1st years 1st years1st yearsQuidditch
Early Afternoon*1st years1st years1st years1st years Quidditch Training*
Late Afternoon
Quidditch Training*
Private classes

* (1) This can take place during or before the very first class, depending on the student's time table.
* (2) This can take place during the last class of the day, the later classes, or directly after classes, depending on the student's timetable. I decided to keep a flexible system, and since this class is mandatory for first years only and only until they are necessary. This also works better, if there are some second and third years, who have to retake their curriculum. It's not like a standard class, but more like P.E., thus can follow a similar curriculum.

Each first year should have one afternoon class and one morning class in a week. They are probably split into smaller groups (possibly for the lack of enough brooms, or as a method of chaos prevention - smaller groups are easier to manage)

* (Quidditch) Depending on which house reserves the court for the time, IF it is reserved. They do not always take place, but usually at these times. There's also the option to fit the training into the early afternoon, or morning, thus it remains flexible. Of course there's also the option to train without the trainer :) 

Sano's ideal schedule for quidditch training is at least two times a week, for every team, though.


Fly up and go down. Slowly increase time spent in the air.
Goal: Get used to being in the air.

Movement 1 - Horizontal
Try different directions, forward, left, right and back.
Goal: Get a feel for directing the broom

Movement 2 - Vertical
Slowly increase height. 
Goal: Get them the highest they can go. Take away the fear of heights and flying.

Speed adjustment / Boosting and Breaking
Increase and decrease speed. Find a speed you're comfortable with.
Goal: Make them as fast as they can be. Alternately, find your pace. Learn how to break.

Flights 1
Rounds around the court. 
Goal: Apply everything they learned until now & prepare them for the next stage.

Flights 2
Short trips around the castle area. Increase distance after each time.
Goal: Apply knowledge. Learn how to travel by broom and why it's so much fun. Enjoy the sights.

Free style
Fool around with brooms. Races, games, simplified Quidditch.
Goal: Prepare them for Quidditch. Enjoy yourself and relax, flying is fun.


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