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Name:Harada Sano
Birthdate:Jul 6
The sexy redhead just arrived!

The Spear red as fire

This is a musebox rp account for the sexy Shinsengumi captain Harada Sanosuke (Hakuouki version). AUs, canon, sandbox rp, all are allowed. Since it's a new account and I'm still trying to get this muse to function again (it has been entirely too long), there isn't much to see. For the history and different settings see the character profile links bellow.

Character profiles

Imperturbatus (HP AU)


Sano is a kind and gentle person, if not stubborn and hot-tempered. Easy-going and laid back the most of times, he is the kind of person that will be everyone’s big brother, but will not forgive when someone hurts his close ones. Usually reasonable, he won’t however tolerate injustice and any kind of discrimination.

He’s a good listener and counselor, will hear you out and give advice as best as he can.

He’s usually happy and high-spirited, loves to flirt and drink, but it has to be said that he genuinely cares for his partners. He’ll never try hurting you - unless it’s, ahem, desired - and if he does, he’ll spend an entire lifetime repenting. He has a recessive penchant for mothering, that can grow really fierce when triggered.

He’s always smiling, but a lot of those smiles can be sad. His motto is “Happiness comes to those that smile”, so he’s definitely the type that never complains, just does what he does. When he actually starts complaining about everything and everyone, consider him wasted and make sure to secure the bottle of whatever he’s drinking out of his reach, and get him home. Somehow. If he’s only started to strip and dance, it’s fine. He’s still a happy drunk~ :D

Sexuality and Relationships

Orientation: Bisexual, on a Kinsey scale of 2.5

When it comes to choosing his partners, either gender is fine, though he tends more towards female partners than males, but he won’t reject either when he’s in the mood and the person within the realm of possibilities. He’s pretty versatile and believes that everything that feels good, is good. He’s the type to take care of his partners, give pleasure and be happy to receive it. It’s also very important to him that he and his partner are on equal grounds when it comes to the emotional bond. One night stands and friends with benefits are fine, but if there are deeper feelings in play, it’s important they’re mutual. He never promises what he can’t give and he expect equal treatment from his partner. He’s okay with multiple partners, but it has to be in the open and clear, with the consent of all involved. There’s one thing that Sano never does in a relationship and that’s cheating.

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